Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cookie Dough Batter, Just Add Milk!

So, what if you really want cupcakes but you don't have all the ingredients to make them or you're just up for it? Well, if you have a tub of cookie dough and some almond milk (or any milk substitute) in your fridge you are in luck! I know, it's crazy right? I mean, they come out a bit different than a traditional cupcake but's pretty cool.

1/2 tub cookie dough - I used Chocoholic
1/3 cup vegan chocolate milk or non-flavored vegan milk - I used chocolate almond milk!
*optional, 2 Tbsp canned pumpkin or canned pumpkin pie mix

1. Pre-heat oven to 400 F.
2. Throw all the above in a bowl and mix with a spoon until the batter is creamy.
3. Pour into cupcakes or a small cake pan if increase the recipe to make more batter.
4. Bake and devour.  Or wait to cool and top with your frosting! See below.

Frosting if you like (fyi: you will not need this much frosting, but you can freeze it and save it for next time if you have extra...or you can just eat it :)
1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar
1/2 cup Earth Balance
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1-2 Tbsp almond milk
*optional: 1/2 chocolate chips

1. Take all the ingredients minus the chocolate chips into a large bowl and mix until creamed together. Then fold in the chocolate if you choose to use it.
2. I recommend refrigerating it (covered) to firm up before frosting. 


With a mouth full of cookies said...

So cool!! I am totally trying this!!!!

EatPastry said...

awesome!!! :)

benzgirl1957 said...

How long does it need to cook?

EatPastry said...

no more than 20 min :)